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As the landscape evolves in terms of New Markets, New Industries and Value Chain, and as the Indian Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services offshoring industry enhances its value proposition, it is getting increasingly critical for the sector to augment its existing capabilities. It also needs to enter into engagements that lead to end-to-end product development, in order to reach its set targets. The future is indeed bright for the engineering services sector, the Global Engineering R&D report indicates. Recent trends show that ER&D activities are moving closer to emerging markets, and that there growing confidence among global customers in India’s supply base capabilities. Growth in local markets and the emergence of new verticals are further spurring the evolution of the ER&D industry. Higher government spending on infrastructure and energy, increased use of electronic components and communications technologies, convergence of technologies and the search for alternative sources of energy are expected to further drive the demand for ER&D services and capabilities in the future.

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Mrs. Pratima M Shetwal
Organization :Akshat Collection

Mrs.Vani R Ramchandani
Organization : Papa Garments

Pradhyumna Kabbina Hithlu
Organization : Canara Eco Bags

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Ms.Chaya Prabhu

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