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Visit to Munich Tech University Garching

The LUB team also Visited IWB TUM Institute where they were able to see the actual production of a Gear Box with Energy Efficient model. One of the experts made a presentation about Lean Production, Energy Productivity and levels of improving the manufacturing efficiency with the real production setting. A visit to the state controlled state of art Sewage Treatment Plant at the city of Augsburg left the team with a lesson or two to bring back home. 

The unit is working on the principle of No profit no loss basis and the actual cost of running the plant in being born by the residents of the city. This plant produces biogas form the biological waste treatment through huge Digesters and is being used for the heating purpose and the treated water is allowed to flow to the river Lech . Launch of Women Entrepreneur Cell As an extension of its belief and with a view to support women entrepreneurs from across the state, LUB – Karnataka launched “Women Entrepreneur cell”.
The cell aims to support aspiring and established women entrepreneurs to enhance and sustain entrepreneurial skills along with innovation and technology up gradation to grow their businesses. It will focus on working towards excellence and to bring about capacity building with key inputs in financial and marketing management to ensure competitiveness in the current business environment.

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