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Valuable Lessons

Study Tour to Germany A study Tour with the theme of “Resource Efficiency” was organized jointly by Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Laghu Udyog Bharati – Karnataka. The tour had a delegation of LUB – Karnataka members from various industry sectors. Micro and small enterprises were given an opportunity to visit Germany and learn more study energy efficiency with emphasis on the fields of construction and demolition, recycling of automobiles and renewable energy.

The team visited Elektrizitatswerke Schonau Energie (EWS) where an NGO is engaged in generation of alternate energy in the form of SOLAR and WIND power. They have over the period achieved self-sufficiency in energy and now supply energy to around 1,57,000 houses. This is working on the principle of Cooperation and it has been the model for Germany. Today around 30 % of electricity produced in Germany is from Non conventional sources and this is in response to the Nuclear Disaster at Russia. A visit to the bio gas plant in Reterra was a telling experience in efficient management of Solid, Wet and Biological Waste. The waste processing company Reterra handles the waste and it generates around 36,00,000 Kwh of electricity through this Bio gas Plant. After processing the residue like liquid composite and dry composite are being sold to farmers.

The entire plant is situated in around 5 acre plot and works in 2 shifts with 12 workmen. To eliminate the smell methane is added with H2SO4 . Around 34 Million Tons of waste was handled in the year 2013. The team was in for a surprise when they visited a Football Stadium having the capacity of around 20,000 people. The entire roof top of the stadium is covered by solar energy producing panels producing all energy requirement of stadium except floodlights. Surplus electricity, whenever available, is upgraded to the grid. What is more an entire district, Vauban is structurally planned to be eco-friendly and energy efficient. All the doors and windows are facing towards the south east to attract the maximum sunlight and all roof tops are fitted with solar electricity producing panels. The houses are well insulated to avoid heat loss due to weather conditions.

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