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The primary goal of the printing industry is to convey a customer's message to its target audience on some form of published material, whether it's a newspaper, magazine, book, brochure, directory, or product packaging. Businesses in the printing industry take the customer's message and, depending on the services available, design the end product, lay it out, and print it. Some printers offer a full range of design and layout services, while others only offer printing.

By the end of the 20th century, printers were beginning to struggle with traditional printing processes. The advent of the World Wide Web and digital publishing were impacting the business of printers that primarily printed periodicals and similar products. Direct mail companies were among the first to abandon traditional printing and begin sending their advertisements to e-mail addresses, due to the significantly reduced cost of doing so.

Members under Printing Sector

Mr.Siddalinga Swamy T S 
Organization : Swamy Technosystems Pvt Ltd.

Mr.Darshanik M.M
Organization : NIK Industries

Mr. P Sreekumar, T.N Subramanian
Organization : Khadi Papers India

Contact details

Mr. K. Narayana
98450 26216

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